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Posted on May 21, 2012 10:03AM
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Negative Positive Feedback

I was never a member of sulit before but a friend of mine noticed the negative feedback against DMS.  He was actually asking me about DMS because he is planning to acquire POS system from them.

This is what I said which will probably be helpful to a lot of people:
Do not rely on the negative and positive feedbacks posted on a social network.  Do you know how easy it is to fabricate an account and post a feedback (- or +, depending on your motives)?  

Before availing DMS, our company was served by another POS provider (we refer to these days as pre-DMS days).  It was supposedly a huge company that lo and behold ABANDONED us.  We searched for a replacement in different places and was glad to have so many options.  

I'm writing this because I think if we saw a negative feedback before, we will also jump into conclusions.  This is why I'm encouraging people to be wise (Wais na Negosyante). Take advantage of the free trials and free demos first.  Call the numbers posted.  Read carefully.  Business wars are like wars in politics(yes dummies and all, planted people to say what you want them to say, rumors- if they can't find something bad to say against your professional capability, they fabricate it, create an account and give yourself a highfive hehehe).

We are happy with our system provided by DMS (we now have 2 stand alone POS system from them...and counting :) ). I tried calling their numbers before and it wasn't like others who have multiple numbers posted and have only 1 person to answer these numbers if not another individual who knows nothing about their product.  

Talk about the standard in Philippine POS, look closely on how DMS was able to lower the prices of POS systems and most providers followed suit.

God bless indeed our struggles and triumphs as negosyanteng pinoy.  Sabi ko sa kaibigan ko na ang motto ko sa buhay ay:
Kung hindi man dito sa earth mananagot ang mga manloloko at mapanirang tao, mamamatay din tayong lahat eventually and we will answer to everything that we did here kay God.

Sana nakatulong ako sa mga ka-sulit.

Posted on May 17, 2012 11:12AM
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Positive Negative Feedback

Note to admin and sulit..  meron po kaming transaction ng dmsoft..  with official reciept and contract so im allowed to post a feedback..


I buy package set of pos from dms last may 1, 2012..  after 3 days  sira un cpu defective daw need replace..

imagine nyo na lng ang pos na sira  dun panman gagamitin sa first opening ng store hassle..


after transaction hindi na sila nag rereply sa email.. sales at si dimayuga..


pero the time na nag iinquire pa lng ako ang sipag nila mag reply..

tama un feedback ng old customer nila.. pangit ang after service nila kasi lahat freelancer..

wag kayo mabulag sa cheapest  pos nila..  hindi nyo rin magagamit sa business..

im selling the pos i bought to them.. free po un cpu nila..  


any one want to buy DMS POS FOR GROVERY  6,000 only licensed brand new  free cpu unit,,  never been use.. all setting is in default,, purchased last may 1 from dms company...  pm me

mydmsoft replied on May 18, 2012 08:17AM

Note to admin and sulit.. meron po kaming transaction ng dmsoft.. with official reciept and contract so im allowed to post a feedback..

Sir, as a consumer, you have the right to voice out your opinion. But, you should base it on facts and correct information.

Based on our records, here are the facts:

On May 1, 2012 (as evidenced by our Sales Invoice and Official Receipt), you bought one of the complete POS packages that we offer. We delivered and installed the system in your store located in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. (The items came from our store/office in Alabang.)

A few days after, you reported that the system is not functioning properly, so we promptly responded to your phone call. Since your location is quite far from Alabang, we decided to bring a computer similar to what you are using to make sure that we would be able to address your concern completely on a single visit. Since the computer you bought from us carries a one-year warranty, it would be most convenient for both of us to replace the whole unit if we have determined that it is not functioning perfectly as expected.

After the completion of our work, our attending technician reported that you have expressed full satisfaction for what we did.

A few days later, we received another phone call from you. You reported that the printer is not printing correctly. In our conversation, we learned that you were just not using the right kind of paper with your POS thermal printer. So, the issue was easily and quickly resolved.

We did not hear anything from you after that.

Then, you surprised us with this negative feedback.

We regret that you had to resort to this to voice out your concern. We feel that it is unfair because you have not given us a chance to address it by informing us or making us aware of your predicament. Until now, we do not know exactly what your problem is.


And, since you posted comments here that undermine our reputation and the good image of our company, we would like to correct them also with facts. Here are our replies to your statements:

1. after transaction hindi na sila nag rereply sa email.. sales at si dimayuga..

Sir, your last e-mail to us was dated May 8, 2012. All previous e-mails have been replied to except this one because the issues there have already been resolved as you subsequently called us. As a matter of principle, we prefer using our Globe lines with unli calls to communicate with our clients for quicker response to their needs.

For the record, we receive a number of e-mails daily from our existing and prospective clients. We reply promptly to your queries. While the name of the sender appears to be Engr. Lucio G. Dimayuga, our boss, it is not him who is sending the e-mails. Since the time we had a hundred clients already, he has delegated the job to his staff. If they do not do their work properly and to the satisfaction of our boss, they would face severe sanctions and penalties.

2. pero the time na nag iinquire pa lng ako ang sipag nila mag reply..

Sir, wala po kaming pinipiling e-mail. Lahat po ng e-mail sa amin ay meron kaming reply. Tulad po ng nabanggit sa itaas, we face severe consequences if we don't reply to your e-mails.

3. tama un feedback ng old customer nila.. pangit ang after service nila kasi lahat freelancer..

Sir, there was no such feedback. If you were referring to the negative feedback of certain Even Demata, we have already proven that he was a fake (he was not our client) and his allegations were purely fabricated. Sulit has already decided on our favor and the case was closed. To this date, we already have almost 500 clients in all cities of Metro Manila and more than 40 provinces of the Philippines. Ask any reputable business organization if it could properly address the needs of that number of clients with just a handful of freelancers.

We are not freelancers. Please read our profile. We are part of DIMCO GROUP OF COMPANIES which consist of legitimate and registered companies with stores/offices in Alabang, Puerto Princesa, Cagayan de Oro and Butuan. Currently, we have 25 full-time employees in our payroll (with SSS, Philhealth and Pag-Ibig benefits) and 8 part-time programmers. We don't hire freelancers. If you noticed that many of our technicians are very young (19-24 years old), it is simply because our POS programs are easy to learn, understand and maintain.

4. wag kayo mabulag sa cheapest pos nila.. hindi nyo rin magagamit sa business..

Sir, if you were our 500th client, you cannot speak in behalf of our other 499 clients who are very satisfied with the POS systems that we have provided them. Actually, many of them are repeat buyers. We have clients who are now using our POS system in multiple stores and branches. Unlke you, many of them have requested us to register this POS installations with the BIR. Many of them have expressed their gratitude for the affordable, reliable and durable POS packages that we provide.


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